I'm a freelance Art Director based in Seattle.

From 2009 until 2016, I worked at Creature. First as a senior designer, then as an art director, then as an ACD. Design and visual art have been my main get-downs since I was a thumb-sucker. I play a bunch of instruments at like a yellow belt level. I'll tell you what the room smells like immediately after I walk in—it's probably something gross. 

I use the "C" because the other Brian Bosworth came first.

IG @briboz



Freelance; Publicis Seattle, DDB San Francisco,  Cole and Weber, VML, Wexley School for Girls, Possible, DNA, Hornall Anderson.

Associate Creative Director at Creature 9/15 - 8/16

Art Director at Creature  8/13 - 9/15

Senior Designer at Creature 9/09 - 8/13


You can PM me your privates at briboz (at) gmail (dot) com